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50 Years of the Computer Arts Society

The Computer Arts Society (CAS) is a special interest group of the British Computer Society that promotes the creative use of computers in the arts and culture. It is a community of interest for all involved in doing, managing, interpreting and understanding information technology's cultural potential.

CAS was founded in 1968 by Alan Sutcliffe George Mallen and John Lansdown and originally ran until the mid-1980s. During this time CAS's in-house publication, PAGE, documented key advances in the development of computer and digital arts. The society was re-established in 2004 as part of the CACHe project and continues with the original mission of promoting the creative use of computers. The re-formed society publishes special editions of PAGE and organises talks and conferences.

In 2018 the Computer Arts Society will be 50 years old. As we head towards this milestone we are looking to collect artworks, images, videos, recollections and other items relating to CAS and its member from the past half century. These items will form the basis of an on-line archive, symposium and - hopefully - a touring exhibition that we plan to take around the UK.

Get Involved

We need you to help build our archive and are calling on current and ex-members to share any materials you might have relating to the Computer Arts Society from the past 50 years. We are not just looking for physical materials, but are also after your stories, recollections and memories.

Please get in touch with the Computer Arts Society via email at cas50@computer-arts-society.com or use the contact form below.

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